Mae laine bath teabags
Mae Laine Bath Teabags

Mae Laine Bath Teabags is about being still, finding a happy place to rejuvenate and relax. My boutique bath & body brand is all about creating those little moments in life, to be still, relax and be in the moment. To take the busy out of busy.
Mae Laine was created after the night I dropped my tea bag into my bath water and it started floating around me, this then turned into a light bulb moment! I always enjoyed having a salt bath but didn't much enjoy that piercing my butt feel. So I got busy turning a late night idea into something more. A feeling that everyone could experience, no matter where they were at home or on holidays.
In May 2013 I decided to take the plunge and attend a local Hunter Valley winery market at Pokolbin and see if any one might be interested in my idea. My very first customer Melissa is still very supportive of this journey I am on. I was over moon I did something I had not achieved in life before and believed within I could really do this. So from what was then a hobby or desire use my design and creative spark, something special for not only myself but everyone, to now being stocked in stores and online across Australia and being featured in some of my favourite media platforms.
Life as a small business owner can get seriously hectic, but still my favourite way to unwind continues to be running a long hot bath and dropping in a bath teabag or at times a bucket of infused salts and enjoying a little 'me' time in my bath.
All Mae Laine Bath Teabags are still hand blended to create a unique combination of pure essential ingredients: Pink Himalayan Rock Salts being our key ingredient. These salts are then carefully balanced with essential oils, signature scents, sea clay & flower buds.
My brand is named after my two daughters, and every time I look at my products, I am reminded of the meaning and purpose behind my journey.
Never stop believing that anything is possible if you have the heart & soul to follow your dreams.

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