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Belle Fleur Lavender

Belle Fleur Lavender was founded in 2004, four years after the establishment of Belle Fleur Lavender Farm in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW. Over years of farming and testing various varieties of lavender at our family farm, we have developed a range of therapeutic lavender products to appeal to all ages by using a blend of oils and aromas inspired by the unique Australian environment.
It is our goal to bring a wide range of natural aromatherapy products to the market, using the best quality ingredients made to the highest standards. Our products have been specially designed to be suitable for use by all members of your family, so that everybody may enjoy the delicate fragrances and essential oils of Belle Fleur lavender.
As a family owned and managed company, we implement the highest standards of quality control at all stages of production ñ from the flowers that we plant and pick by hand to superior packaging expertly designed to protect the natural ingredients ñ so customers may rest assured that Belle Fleur Lavender products are beautifully fragranced and wonderful to use.

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