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Chris's Creations

Chris’s Creations is run by Chris McIntosh. All garments are made completely by me, with love. I was a Home Economics and Textiles school teacher and after retirement am working full time on my passion.

I am ably assisted by my husband Warwick who is my driver, so that I can knit or sew, and also the buyer of doilies and chenille on eBay. The products that are produced are made with love and with an eye to creating something beautiful.

I knit a variety of accessories for all seasons. When I create these it is like doing a painting mixing texture and colour together to create something beautiful. They are created using a mixture of threads.

With the thought of rethinking, reusing, reducing and recycling, I use vintage chenille, doilies and crocheted or embroidered tablecloths to make beautiful unique one off clothing. In particular wedding dresses are an affordable alternative for those who are looking to achieve a boho, vintage look for their wedding. I also use special doilies which may have belonged to family members to make nostalgic or sentimental garments.

You can buy my special items at markets or by ordering what you would online.

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