Bruny island berry farm
Bruny Island Berry Farm

Bruny Island Berry Farm is located at ìWoodleighî, a 12-hectare beachfront property at Adventure Bay on South Bruny Island.

The original neighbouring property ìHigh Woodî has been passed down through the same family since settlement in 1880. Kathryn and Graham and their son Peter, inherited from Kathryn's father Leigh, a 12-hectare lot (30 acres) and are continuing the traditional agricultural use of the land with a ëpick your owní berry farm offering historical, environmental and Visitor activities.

Our vision is to create an extraordinary and unforgettable Visitor experience that incorporates and promotes the historical and environmental features of the area through our various facilities, activities, interpretations and, the opportunity to pick fresh berries in a spectacular, natural environment.

It is the combination of local history, the natural environment and our passion for excellence in customer service that makes Bruny Island Berry farm a unique place to visit - see you soon!

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