Bruny island house of whisky
Bruny Island House Of Whisky

A spectacular representation of the Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky Industry, a true Whisky experience. The most extensive known range of purely Tasmanian Single Malts and home to ëTrappers Hutí 15 year old, Limited Single Cask Release.

For those who love whisky and may not have the time to visit all of Tasmaniaís distilleryís and independent bottlers, we represent all of these amazing award winning single malts in one place. Enjoy with knowledgeable staff who have passion for whisky!

"This is by far the best representation of the Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky Industry I have seen anywhere" - Bill Lark, November 2014

Specialising in:

Whisky Tastings: Every whisky is on tasting including Limited Releases, Special Editions, & rare Tasmanian Single Malts.
Whisky Flights: Tempting the taste buds with four of the finest.
Whisky & fine food matching: Pairing Tasmanians outstanding single malts with Bruny Island & Tasmanian gourmet foods.
An intimate environment with an open fire, stunning waters views and gourmet platters. Situated 3 kms from the ferry terminal.

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