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Anvil Creek Co

Anvil Creek Co. is a small artisan candle maker located in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
All candles are handpoured by the owner, maker & designer of Anvil Creek Co. in the kitchen of their home. The property is located out of Singleton and also shares the same name, Anvil Creek.

Inspired by their own collection of antique/vintage jars, Anvil Creek Co. was conceived and is very prominent in the design and brand concept. Their own collection consists of old Ball Mason jars & Fowlers Vacola Jars which is the inspiration behind the current range of Anvil Creek Co. candles.

All candles are made using 100% environmentally friendly soy wax. The wicks are lead free and made from cotton. The vessels can be re-used within the family home as vases, storage or any other useful purpose. Up-cycling is highly recommended!

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