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Black Arrow Candles

One dark and stormy night, husband and wife duo (think Bonnie and Clyde - but the 2.0 archery version complete with a witty repertoire of sassy comments) were re-organising their workshop in Sydney, Australia when Karina stumbled across a unique white glass vessel.

Already familiar with the candle-making process - the duo had been dabbling in candles for a few years - Karina whipped up some delish eco-friendly soy wax and married the two together.

A few hours later, their genesis baby black arrow candle was sitting proudly in front of them and on a whim Karina debuted it onto Etsy for the world to see. Less than 24-hours later, the candle had sold and requests were pouring in for more.

It was official: Black Arrow Candles was born and growing quickly.

Today, Black Arrow Candles has evolved into an inimitable and sophisticated candle producer gracing the wish lists of brave and fearless humans across the globe. They have designed their own glassware, teamed up and collaborated with some amazingly talented people and created a decidedly lust-worthy candle. Crafted to be boldly eco-friendly and now featuring a curated scent range, Black Arrow Candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and are lovingly poured and packaged to order.

The perfect sidekick for wild outdoor types, food lovers and beach babes (or, okay, anyone who enjoys a good Netflix binge chased by some sunbaking and cookie crunching), each of Black Arrow Candles bold bath and body-safe fragrance blends are either synthetic or derived from natural plant extracts. There is no use of any animal-based products including honey, musk, milk or beeswax making each candle reassuringly animal and vegan-friendly. Good for you, good for the earth and good for our animal friends. Bullseye. Because after all, who says you canĂ­t kick ass and enjoy the sweet scent of a particularly delicious (and eco-conscious) candle too?

Black Arrows signature arrowhead glass is individually packaged in specially designed boxes, crafted to perfection with a smooth and silky feel. Each package is put together by hand in house and the label carefully applied to close. You have never seen anything like it.

Black Arrow Candles uses specially tested and layered wooden wicks to create the perfect blend of heat and crackle. They test regularly and extensively (usually while hanging out with some popcorn and Marvels latest offering) to guarantee the best scent throw and melt pool and create a long lasting and highly fragranced candle experience. The glass is handblown borosilicate and able to withstand high temperatures, perfect for reuse and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The end result? Scarily delicious candles in incredibly reusable glassware that you will be too sad to give away as gifts.

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