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Travel Centre Norfolk Island

We are Norfolk Island holiday specialists, located on Norfolk Island.

Meet the Locals
For over 35 years Norfolk Island Travel Centre has specialised in promoting Norfolk Island and bringing visitors to the Island.

Norfolk Island holiday specialists

“As the owner of the Norfolk Island Travel Centre, it is my pleasure to provide you with information to help you choose Norfolk Island as your preferred travel destination. As a seventh generation descendant of Fletcher Christian operating a locally run business, my colleagues and I are not only dedicated to promoting our island home – it’s our passion! We are all intimately connected to the Island’s history, lifestyle and culture and everything the island has to offer and welcome the opportunity to share this with you.”

Rebecca Christian

As a business we value highly our community responsibilities and relationships with the Clubs and Associations that run our annual Island events and tournaments. Living on a small island, most Norfolk Island Travel Centre staff are either members of local Clubs or know the membership well.

With smaller sized memberships in comparison to mainland Clubs, many do not have the manpower or financial capacity to alone attract visitors from Australia or New Zealand to their events. By providing financial, in-kind, marketing and travel sponsorship to our local Clubs, we work together so that the Clubs can host events, their membership can benefit from the International competition and visiting specialists, and we can bring the visitors to their event. The overall winner from this relationship is of course, our Island home.

We are very pleased and proud of our sponsorship commitments to NI Archery Championships, NI Bowls Club, NI Clay Target Club, NI Ballroom Dancing Committee, NI Golf Club and tournaments, NI Pistol Club, Quilt Norfolk, Red Hatters Gathering, Norfolk Island Jazzes It Up!, Norfolk Island Wa’a Outrigging Club and NOC the Rock, NI Country Music Association, Line Dancing and NI Folk History.

Norfolk Island Travel Centre is located in the main Burnt Pine shopping precinct, opposite the Norfolk Island RSL Club.

Make sure you call in to say hello during your stay – we’d love to meet you!

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