Uber kate
Uber Kate

Boy meets girl, girl makes jewellery for boy, boy loves and marries girl and encourages her to follow her passion and create a business where they can both thrive personally and professionally.

From our desire to create handmade and wear my story around my neck, the UbercirclesÆ were born.

Travelling the world with a tiny baby at home as a TV producer inspired me to make the first set of Ubercircles. I used a set of vintage letter stamps to hammer her name into the metal of one circleÖ I held that circle close every time we were apart.

I wasn't inspired by something else I had seen, the passion of the design came from heart and very soul and I carry in my DNA the ownership over the Ubercircles design.

We started making them in our Sydney Studio in 2003 and from this simple emotional design a global wave in personalised jewellery was born.

We are the original, we are handcrafted, and my family hand makes heirlooms for your family.

My hubby and business equal Mr Uber is the other half of our business, he is as passionate about our menís ranges as I am about our women's and children's.

We make timeless, quality hand crafted jewellery.

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